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We reach most objectives by participating at meetings and events, and by attending rallies and fairs - combined of course with efficient administration. The initiators of such needs cannot always do this, especially if they are not located in Berlin, Germany, or Europe with their own infrastructure.

We offer representation customized in frame and content to match your specific needs and abilities. We keep ourselves backstage and are active on behalf of and in recognition of you, our client.

The variety of services we offer starts with single actions, up to a full ranged and unlimited representative delegation for our principals, which are:
- mission/ permanent representation on a local, regional or international level
- public relations
- coordinating and administrating cooperation with third parties
- planning and performing strategic operations
- administrative and office services
- domicile services

As well as enjoying the benefits of AGE International's existing network, our clients are also assisted by our internal structures and abilities - which provide services enabled by close cooperation of all our departments.