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Berlin Concert – From Mendelssohn to the New World
Members of the Vancouver Welsh Society established 1980 the men choir that grew within short to a size of more than hundred singers with different national and ethnic backgrounds. The choir has a rich repertoire of traditional Welsh and popular songs but of sacral music, opera choirs and musicals from all over the world too.
Every year the choir undertakes concert tours in British Columbia. On journeys abroad, the singers staged already in the USA, in England, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and in Russia.
Under the artistic management by Director Jonathan Quick, a graduate of the UBC in voice, composition and choir direction, the choir soon reached international recognition and meanwhile ranged to be one of the musical highlights of British Columbia.


AGE International organized the logistics of the 2009 concert tour of the VWMC in Germany and was managing the production in planning, concept, administration and budget of the concert June 12th, 2009 in the Berlin Hofmeister Church.

The Berlin concert was a beneficiary event in support of the association for children in need „The Arch“ and participated by the Berlin choir “Singgemeinschaft Märkisches Ufer“


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