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Following an impressing start in spring 2012, the line Terra Groovies by the composer and DJ Le Candy got continued during summer too, always within the setting of the elegant Berlin bar "Café des Artistes”.

Thereafter also 2013 followed with yet an additional line-up of 4 events.

AGE International takes care about the operational tasks of the events and supports the PR-activities.

08. Februar 2013 - Loungevolution
08. März 2013- Funk Encore
05. April 2013 - The Latin Touch
03. Mai 3013- CdA Spring Party

Le Candy is since 2004 the alias of the composer Andreas F. Raseghi (Wergo, Col Legno, Ricordi) who studied composition with Luigi Nono, Wolfgang Rihm and Morton Feldman. His work includes mostly contemporary chamber music and beside this also radio play composition and electronic music. The Galactic Lounge project by Andreas F. Raseghi got realized by already more than 60 exclusive and content related performances. Among other locations he performed at the internationally awarded Mood Lounge in Karlsruhe, opening evenings of festivals by the German Südwestrundfunk (SWR), the Israeli-Palestinian off-radio “All for Peace” etc. All his performances are the result of intensive musicological research, whereas the sets get built from tracks of small labels and had to be acquired by quite an effort done. Some of the tracks were found by Andreas F. Raseghi by his own reaching out to Brazil and Japan to get hold of rare and not generally known pieces.


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